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October 25th was very special for me. So many friends and family were at Midland Country Club to dedicate and open our new short course, The Judy. The Judy is a pretty little nine hole course that will be a permanent and great addition to our country club. My husband Yippy and my membership goes back to 1971. I hope for more than the next 40 years to come it will help teach juniors, let families play together, be great for seniors, and players of all ages. It may even settle a bet or two!

The designers are D.A.Weibring of PGA Tour fame and his partner, Steve Wolfard. Great work, on time and on budget! To learn more about these talented men go to

It was a happy and touching day for me. I so taken by the whole thing and very grateful to these people that have supported me and my two careers all these years. Great friends attended and David Feherty surprised me by accepting our invitation. He should soon be an honorary Midland, Texas resident! Love that guy-great big heart! Spike Dykes, former Texas Tech football coach drove in from Austin. A wonderful man and a loyal family friend for years. Our afternoon ended with an enjoyable fried chicken dinner.


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